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Online Student Testimonials
"WOW Academy was my springboard to start my web design and maintenance small business. Completing all the required courses to become certified was challenging and rewarding. The staff was there every step of the way. My instructors were prompt and very attentive to my questions/concerns. WOW Academy is my go-to source to refresh my skills. Kudos to a great company."
Alana H. - Online Student, United States 

"I completed the Webmaster Associate Certification last year and I feel privileged to have been able to have studied online through WebYoda. Living in New Zealand, it is often hard to keep up with the most up-to-date training available, and WebYoda enabled me to do this. I was wary of an online course at first; however, the support and backup to any questions I had were tremendous and usually available within 12 - 24 hours. The exercises were challenging, which was great as it meant that whatever I learned from them stuck in the filing cabinet of my brain. The exam was a lot tougher than I had thought it would be. This was a good thing as it means WebYoda is maintaining a high standard, which makes me feel assured that my certification will mean something. Thank you all involved with WebYoda, keep up the great work."
Cathy D. - Online Student, New Zealand 

"Just want to let any aspiring web designers, or just those wanting to learn something about HTML and other Internet goodies, about WOW Academy. After designing a website with Frontpage (I didn't know any HTML at the time!) I decided to learn more about web design. A search brought me to WOW Academy, and I signed up for six of their courses. The price was right, and I liked their website. I have to say, the courses are worth every penny and more. You get hands-on training, and an instructor you can talk to via email.

It's great! I've learned so much, plus you can learn at your own pace. What I really like is that once you take the courses you can always return and take them again, since they're constantly changing to keep up with changes in technology. I highly recommend WOW Academy to anyone and everyone who's interested in designing or maintaining websites, or just those curious about how websites work."

Rachel P. - Online Student, United States 

Course Testimonials

"Mastering the Internet was easy for me to follow and understand. I enjoyed the historic part of the course. It has a simple and clear interface, is well laid-out, and is very effective in delivering the ideas. Anybody can understand it. I found that the data was 100% transferable to a real-world environment."
Jeff B. - Mastering the Internet Student 

"The course organization of Beginning XHTML is great. The explanations go straight to the point. I like that is is self-paced and it gave you time to think on your own on how to resolve your mistake before turning to the resource guides (books, links, etc). It was really helpful to learn the technical language and the definition of acronyms. Taking the course gave me a lot of ideas on building my website. Thank you for offering a great web-based course."
April S. - Beginning XHTML Student 

"I am continually impressed with how Advanced XHTML course is set up. Very easy to understand and the exercises keep integrating all the lessons. Repetition is exactly what is needed to master HTML and it is provided well in the exercises without becoming boring. By the time I got to the last few exercises, I was completing them without having to refer to my lessons, and really understood what I was doing, and more importantly, why and for what result. Thanks!!"
John D. - Advanced XHTML Student 

"Cascading Style Sheets was easy to follow and complete. I especially liked the examples that the course provided. I learned about the differences between CSS and HTML and how much control CSS gives you with web page layout, as compared to HTML. Learning the things I learned in this course has turned out to be very relevant for me in my professional life."
Jennifer K. - Cascading Style Sheets Student 

"The Web Design and Graphics course really opened my eyes to the correct way to build websites. I came to WOW Academy already having a good understanding of HTML and CSS, but this course taught me how to build my pages correctly. I was most impressed with the sections on accessibility and how to make my web pages load quickly. On a side note, it had never occured to me before to test my web pages in different browsers, different screen resolutions, and different devices. Tricks like that were especially helpful and valuable to know."
Cyndi M. - Web Design and Graphics Student 

"The WOW Academy Java Survival Skills course helped me learn the basics of Java and JavaScript. I didn't have time to take a class at my local community college, and I didn't want to have to learn everything there was to know about Java, so this course was a perfect fit. It taught me the fundamentals as well as what applications I'd be using over and over as a professional, and I could learn according to my schedule."
Chris P. - Java Survival Skills Student 

"Excellent E-Business course. Having been in business years ago for myself, it was great to see so much input on the basic and most important essentials. At first, I truly felt, because of my past business experience, I could knock this course out in a week or less. But when I started getting into it, I found myself writing down a lot of excellent tips, facts, and info for future Reference. Overall, I definitely underestimated how much great material there really is in your courses."
Larry N. - E-Business Student 

"I really enjoyed the E-Marketing course. Each lesson had short info sections and were pretty easy to understand and follow. The course flowed well and covered topics that I felt were relevant in today's competitive online market, like keywords, domain names, and search engine optimization to get more traffic to my website. I like that everything was self-paced but my instructor was just an email away if I had any questions."
Bob L. - E-Marketing Student 

"Great, easy way to learn Cold Fusion. The step-by-step lesson program kept me interested and helped me learn quickly. I liked how everything was laid out and how easy it was to understand how databases work and how to access them via a website. I'm especially glad that I can go back to my student account whenever I need and use this course as a Reference. "
Chris P. - Cold Fusion Student 

"I had some familiarity with Homesite a few years back, and I enjoyed it. After researching other text editing programs, I decided to find a Homesite how-to course, and WOW Academy was the only online course provider that I could find that offers courses on Homesite. I'm very pleased with how simple it was to learn how to utilize Homesite to its maximum potential, and I found that I could quickly make updates and build new pages easily using the methods I learned in this course."
Barbara S. - Homesite Student 

"The techniques I learned in the Web Graphics course have given me skills to not only be able to create typical website graphics using Paint Shop Pro, but I can apply those skills to similiar graphics applications such as Photoshop. Obviously one's time is important, and after taking the time to complete this course, I was able to get things done to make my websites more professional and do the job efficiently. It was nice that I could work on this course at any time of the day and not have to wait for a certain date to start and finish. Once I finished the course I was able to apply what I learned pretty much immediately. "
Brian T. - Web Graphics with PSP9 Student 

Classroom Training Testimonials

"The webmaster certification curriculum developed by WebYoda, Inc. has been the perfect addition to our school's Information Technology program. Students find the lessons easy to follow, the assignments interesting and the courses challenging and fun. My classroom has been transformed from a 'have to' to a 'want to' real-world work environment. Students see the connection between what they are learning and the ability to apply their skills in finding a job. In fact, many students are asked to do web design for family and friends as well as be part of our school district's web page design team.

From a teacher's point of view, the scope and sequence of the webmaster curriculum offers the organization necessary to prepare students to enter the web technology field. The courses are state-of-the-art, thus eliminating the "last year's out of date" textbook dilemma. In addition, the depth of the instructional materials and their organized presentation leave time for me as a teacher to teach, not constantly having to plan lessons."

Kathy Wright - Instructor, South Kitsap High School 

"The WOW Academy model has enabled us to prepare our students better by providing current webmaster standards, assessment, training, and certification opportunities."
Penny Haun - Instructor, Hillsborough County Public Schools  

"Panhandle Library Access Network (PLAN) has trained dozens of library staff using the WOW Academy courses. Great value." - Panhandle Library Access Network, Panama City, Florida"
Carol D. - PLAN Training Center, Panama City, Florida 

"The courses and certification process are very well-developed. Materials, samples, case study, exercises, online exams, student transcript, online certificate and online evaluation form are some of the 'real' e-learning tools designed by WebYoda as the webmaster certification standard.

These tools are doubled, affecting student skills, if the led-instructor classes are also held in the ATC as I do here in Indonesia. The dual system of online and face-to-face learning is of great method rarely used in other web training institutions."

Djati Adi Wicaksono - Web.id Training Center, Jakarta, Indonesia 

Real Results: (View Student Results)
"For many years I was limited to print media design. With the training I received at WOW Academy I was able to expand my abilities and build professional Web interfaces. Thank you, WOW Academy, for showing me that there really is a difference between a webmaster and a web professional."  
Kallen L. - Design Professional
Tallahassee, FL 

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